Mint Aero Bubbles Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

Mint Aero Bubbles Layer Cake

Mint Aero Bubbles Layer Cake consists of two layers of rich chocolate fudge cake, this is an indulgent, dense, slightly gooey chocolate cake somewhere between a Brownie and a sponge cake, it's very rich and not too sweet. 

The three layers are sandwiched together with smooth and silky chocolate buttercream and then more of the same buttercream is slathered all over the outside. 

The whole cake is decorated with Mint Aero Bubbles on top with mint green sprinkles filling in the gaps and Mint Matchmakers all around the outside. Everything finished off with a mint green ribbon. 

If you don't like Mint Aero Bubbles feel free to ask for Orange, or even just chocolate ones, ot anything else that takes your fancy.

For further information or to order please contact me

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