Peace and Love Cake

Peace and Love Cake

Our Peace and Love Bundt cake has a light, slightly crumbly texture and is delicately flavoured with Rosemary and Lime. Made with ingredients that have a special significance to love, this is the perfect cake to give on Mother's Day, as an engagement or Bridal Shower gift, or in fact any time you wish to give a gift that symbolises love.

  • Circle; The traditional circular Bundt cake symbolises eternity, there is no beginning or end to real love.
  • Olive Oil; The Olive tree is a symbol of peace, fertility and enduring love.
  • Rosemary; Rosemary symbolises love, abiding friendship and remembrance. We will never forget the one we love, our best friend.
  • Lime; The Lime is a symbol of love, fidelity and justice, and your Love will always be supportive and loyal to you and try to be fair.
  • Green; The colour green has a strong emotional link with safety, something we should always feel when we are with our someone we love.

This cake will serve approximately 16 slices and costs £25.00 plus delivery. 

This cake can be posted and will be delivered unglazed and undecorated, you can if you wish decorate the cake as shown in the images using a simple white glaze to symbolise understanding, protection and softness and some Rosemary or use some Angelica to represent inspiration. Locally delivered cakes will be glazed and decorated if you require. If you have any questions or would like to order please pop over to our shop listing here  or feel very welcome to message me,. 

Rosemary and Lime Mother's Day Cake